Sunday, October 02, 2005

Some Setbacks

Along this ride to pleasureville, some problems can occur that will negatively affect the sexual cycle. The disruptions can stem from physical or psychological orientations. Regardless of the nature of the problem, any of them can bring the ride to an abrupt halt. Then this becomes a problem for everyone involved.
It is very understandable that some physical issues could interfere with the cycle. Some physical problems are side effects from medications, hormonal changes, or any type of disease like heart or liver. There are medical conditions, so one really needs to be aware of their body and what they are in taking. These and other problems could certainly cause your sexual relationship to decline.
Another component to sexual dysfunction is the psychological aspect. In the sexual response cycle, the mental part plays an important and huge role in achieving an orgasm. Your mood is dependent on your mindset and if that is not right then nothing else will be either. For instance, problems like daily stresses, bad past experiences, or painful sexual encounters can limit the sexual relationship. The psychological issues from within can make it non-existent all together


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